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Exciting news for group skiing lovers of Deux Alpes and Alpe D’Huez….

Les Deux Alps Alp dHuez

A date (or year at least) has finally been set for the completion of the highly anticipated  lift which will bridge the gap between the two resorts Deux Alpes and Alpe D’Huez .

It has been announced this month after much speculation that 2018 is the year when skiers will be able to enjoy much improved accessibility between both resorts

Currently the main transport links between Deux Alpes and Alpe D’Huez are by car, by shuttle bus (on a Wednesday or Thursday with the journey taking approximately an hour) or via helicopter. Taking to the skies to travel  from peak top peak is both popular and speedy and good value at approximately E65 return trip. The new lifts, however, will enable many more skiers to reap the benefits of both resorts in a day and of course be a preferable mode of transport for those not overly keen on flying.

The Alpe d’Huez link will be start at the top of Signal de l’homme and span across 18 pylons to its destination in Le Cret in Deux Alpes and take approximately 17 minutes peak to peak.  It was expected that the final stop might have been in Freney but Le Cret was a preferable location as it cut down the time of travel. By grouping together the two ski areas the total piste size will only be rivalled by 3 Valleys and so making it the 2nd largest in France.

So there you have it – it’s all about the year 2018. First Winter Olympics then the marriage of Deux Alpes and Alpe D’Huez.