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It’s not just beer goggles you should be donning this Christmas…


Have you been introduced to the ski goggles set to blow all others out of the…snow?

Being described as a ‘mobile dashboard’ to the slopes, the Oakley Airwave 1.5 goggles promise to revolutionise the way in which we ski.

Ski Tracks app lovers will love the innovation of the Airwave for its real time data capture of how far, high and fast your days on piste have been with all the information delivered directly into your vision whilst you ski. The sleek built-in display within the lenses connects with GPS, Bluetooth and clever little sensors record all your air time, distances and heights. Say farewell to damp, crumpled up piste maps with instant access to the Airwave preloaded maps. You can even listen through your visuals – with an option to control your playlists through the Airwave. The buddy tracker will ensure you never lose your mates again and you can even view text messages too.

Cyber Monday might have come and gone but there is still time to collaborate your virtual wishlists, and although the Airwave might be a bit of a wildcard, coming in at £520 who can really put a price on providing your mates with proof at the end of the day that you jumped so high you actually left the earth’s atmosphere…?!