There are currently 36 ski resorts in Australia and New Zealand offering superb facilities and are ideal for snow addicts. Keen skiers need the exhilaration of the slopes during Europe’s summer season. In both countries, the ski season runs generally from June to October which is perfect so the die-hard skiers and snowboarders can return to Europe ready for the winter season!

Thredbo Ski Resort Australia

This super ski resort is the best-rated resort in Australia. Its elevation is between 1,365m – 2,037m the verticle drop is 672m and the average altitude of all the ski resorts in Australia is 250m giving long runs. The season runs from June until October with the best snow coverage in September with an average depth of 244cm with excellent snow conditions. There are 480 ha of slopes and good terrain offering the longest run at 5.7km and it is one of the largest ski resorts in Australia. Ideal for families and all skiing levels and snowboarders have 5 terrain parks to choose from with easy runs over 77 ha, 322 ha of moderate and 81 ha of advanced and 1 ha of extreme pistes served by 14 lifts.

Whakapapa Mt Ruapehu Ski Resort New Zealand

Noted as the best ski resort in New Zealand it is amongst the highest elevated in the country between 1,630m – 2,245. Its verticle from the summit to base is 615m and the average altitude of the ski resorts in New Zealand is 484m the season runs from June to October and the best snow coverage is in September giving a depth of 213cm with great snow conditions. If you want sunshine choose August to visit with 1,051 ha of slopes and terrain with the longest run being 4km to enjoy it’s also one of the largest ski resorts here. Mt Ruapehu is in the Tongariro National park and you can ski along an active volcano giving the most breathtaking views. Ideal for advanced skiers as the terrain is challenging, however, there are 650 acres easy runs, 1297 acres moderate 650 acres advanced and extreme runs for the experts all served by 11 lifts.

Perisher Blue Ski Resort Australia

Perisher Blue has more than 1200 ha of slopes and skiable terrain with snowy mountains at 2200m, with a vertical drop of 429m and the season running from June to October, the snow coverage is ideal in August with a depth of 102cm and August is best for sunshine. The longest ski run is 3km and the slopes are gentle which is ideal for beginners and families. The terrain parks are perfect for snowboarders of all levels with the largest halfpipe in the country and great après ski. There are 680 acres easy slopes, 1853 acres moderate, 556 acres advanced and extreme pistes for experts served by 47 lifts.

Coronet Peak Ski Resort New Zealand

The elevation is 5,410ft with a verticle drop of 1,578 ft it’s the oldest ski resort in the country with 280 hectares of diverse slopes it’s in the top ranking. The season runs from June to October the best snow is in August with a depth of 123cm. September is the sunniest month and it’s perfect for all levels of skiers with 138 acres of easy runs, 311 acres of moderate, advanced 242 acres, extreme slopes for experts served by 4 lifts.

True fans of skiing will travel the globe to satisfy their hunger for the thrill of the snow, country hopping from continent to continent; it’s worth taking a trip to visit Australia and New Zealand and trying out their superb ski and snowboard resorts.