February 25, 2021

Dog Sledding In Verbier

a man with a sled pulled by dogs stood in the snow with mountains in the background

Dog sledding in Verbier is the perfect non skiing activity for anyone who is traveling through or staying in the Swiss resort of Verbier. 

Dog sledding, sometimes known as Husky Safaris, is a scenic way to discover and enjoy the stunning landscape of Verbier. But what does it involve and what options do you have to be a real musher with your own pack of dogs in the snow? Find out in our complete guide to dog sledding in Verbier.


What Is Verbier Famous For?

With its chocolate box chalets and breathtaking scenery, you’d be forgiven for thinking that stunning aesthetics are all that Verbier is famous for. However, when you visit Verbier, you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Verbier actually boasts wide, steep slopes, and impressive off-piste trails for beginners and advanced skiers alike. It also has some of the best Apres Ski nightlife, making it one of the most popular destinations for skiing holidays. However, Verbier has even more to offer for those who don’t want to ski or want a day of other activities during their holiday.


What Is There To Do In Verbier If You Don’t Ski?

There’s a common misconception that only those who are interested in skiing should visit Verbier. But actually, Verbier has more to offer than its ski slopes. 

With world class restaurants, Europe’s largest Luge toboggan run, and wine tasting experiences to offer, you will never run out of things to do in Verbier. You can have a very relaxed non skiing holiday to this incredible part of the world.

Or you could also have a thrill-fuelled holiday to Verbier. While the slopes are often filled with seasoned adrenaline junkies, don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s no fun to be had for those who want to experience the thrill of a fast-paced outdoor activity. Along with amazing sightseeing opportunities, the perfect option for an exciting alternative to the ski slopes is Dog Sledding.

view from a dog sled with huskies pulling you through snow

What Is Dog Sledding?

Having been used for thousands of years for hunting and traveling, Dog Sledding has evolved into a modern-day luxury holiday experience. And it is one that is becoming extremely popular in Verbier. 

Dog sledding involves a wooden sled, usually lined with plush fabrics for comfort, that is pulled along the snow by dogs, who are harnessed together. There is usually a ‘musher’ on the back of the sled who is responsible for controlling the dogs and giving them direction. 

Between 10 and 16 dogs help to pull along a sled at great speeds if being used for hunting and traveling, but 6 to 8 dogs can cruise you along at a leisurely pace to sightsee and enjoy the magical snowy surroundings. 


What Equipment Is Used For Dog Sledding?

If you’re planning on using one of the local companies to arrange an exhilarating Dog Sledding experience, you won’t need to worry about providing harnesses, leads, and that all-important Huskie food.

What you will need to go dog sledding in Verbier is warm clothes. You will need to wrap up warm with gloves, snowsuits, and snow boots. You might also want to consider wearing reflective ski glasses or sunglasses as the snow reflects light easily.


Types Of Dog Sledding In Verbier

When choosing to try out Dog Sledding, Verbier has a couple of different options that are available. 

If you visit during the crisp winter months, you’ll be lucky enough to benefit from the traditional Dog Sledding experience, where you’ll be able to explore the landscape and put your photography skills to good use across the various winter trails that Verbier has to offer. 

In the Summer months, there is the option to take part in the amazing Cani-Rando experience, where you’ll be partnered with one of the trustworthy sled dogs and hike across the landscape. This is the perfect way to experience the true beauty of the changing seasons in Verbier at your own pace. But if walking isn’t one of your favourite pastimes, you can also try the Cart Ride experience to consider. The Cart Ride has all of the elements of a standard dog sled, but this takes place in the Summer, adding a whole new level of excitement and opportunity to see Verbier in a beautifully different light.

Visiting Verbier

For more information about visiting Verbier, read our guide to this beautiful Swiss town.