Important facts about ski helmets

Important facts about ski helmets

There is no doubt about it a ski or snowboard helmet could save your life. It’s easy to take a tumble on the slopes so it’s better to be safe than sorry when choosing a good helmet. They all protect your head and with the latest technology helmets are safer today than ever before. If you already have a helmet and have had a crash whilst wearing it previously then do get it checked out by professionals before wearing it again, popular now are the MIPS helmets.


MIPS technology was developed in Sweden in 1996 and has been scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion by absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head, in simplified terms it has a brain protection system (BPS)


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a tough, durable moulded plastic outer shell rather than a shock absorbing inner layer. Other helmets have an in-mould construction, where liner and shell are fused together, reducing the weight and slimming down the helmet. It also makes it easier to add more venting; some helmets combine the two, tough ABS on top for example, and lighter in-mould at the sides to give a lower profile.

The chin strap

It is really important you alter the fit of the chin and ear straps for a close fit if not there is a chance the helmet could become loose or in the event of a fall it could come off altogether. To make the chin strap more comfortable you could place a soft cover or fleece lining over the strap to stop any rubbing that may occur. Bright helmet buckles are not a fashion feature they are bright in the case of an emergency, magnetic buckles are growing in popularity it makes the helmet more secure and it’s easier to lock together.

Adjust the fit of your helmet

Generally, there is a dial on the back of the helmet you can tighten it or loosen the fit, at the sides or all around the head. The fit systems are usually made of plastic, however, some helmet brands have hard comfortable brand cables which are also seen in snowboard boots. A helmet could save your life look for all the extra safety features it is worth paying extra for both comfort and peace of mind.

Inner lining and padding

You want your helmet to be comfortable as well as functional and safe, the inner linings and padding with provide all those features and look for the moisture wicking versions which draw sweat away from the head. This enables you to remove the lining and wash it keeping it clean and some also have an anti microbial treatment which helps them to stay fresh.


It’s imperative you keep your goggles in place and most helmets have a strap, dip or bungee on the back which is detachable if you prefer to wear your goggles under the helmet. There are grooves around the helmet too which help stop the goggles from moving. Take your goggles with you when looking for a new helmet it’s important to be comfortable and achieve a good fit, the clip can sometimes be moved to adjust the fitting. Some helmet designers try to sell their own goggles with helmets however you will find most goggles can be adapted to work with any helmet.

All helmets are good and practical but where safety is concerned it is worth investing in a good helmet with all the safety features incorporated. Stay safe, be comfortable and enjoy your day on the slopes!