Skiing In The Milky Way

Man skiing

Hosting some of the most famous European ski resorts, the Milky Way ski area in Italy and France is well known. Especailly for its fabulous skiing and long hours of sunshine. The ski area extends to some 400 km of varied pistes and straddles the French-Italian border with the resorts featured here. The seven resorts in France make up the Milky Way of Sauze d’Oulx, Sestriere, Claviere, Pragelato, Sansicario, Cesana, Montgenevre are all within easy reach of Torino Airport (Turin Airport), making them an ideal skiing weekend or holiday destination for the week. They all offer excellent high altitude skiing at the highest level of 2823 m. The area lift pass gives the skier a unique opportunity during the same holiday to ski in two countries.

What are the ski resorts in the Milky Way?
In size and liveliness, the resorts in the Milky Way differ. From the most vibrant après ski scenes of Sauze d’Oulx through to the more subdued peaceful tones of Sansicario, the resorts have something different to offer everyone.

Lovely Claviere is the oldest resort in Italy and, combined with its new architecture, retains much of its traditional centre. It’s a small, family-friendly resort that best suits both beginners and intermediates.

An unspoiled, quiet, and ancient Italian village popular with families because of its peaceful atmosphere.

Is one of the smallest and cheapest French resorts and the only French resort on the Milky Way. If you are looking for ski comfort, it is ideal if your accommodation is on the slopes or very close.

Sits at the core of the ski area between Sestriere and Sauze d’Oulx. From its sun-drenched nursery slopes to harsh blacks, such as the 2006 Winter Olympic downhill run from Mt Fraitere, its local terrain is suitable for all skiing abilities.

Sauze d’Oulx
A must if you’re looking for wild nightlife and a lively après-ski scene. It is the nearest ski area to Turin, with a traditional village centre and modern architecture. It also appeals to families to visit its cobbled streets with many family-run restaurants.

This is the best base for exploring the whole of the Milky Way ski area. Thanks to its north-facing slopes, this high altitude resort has the best snow conditions. Thanks to the number of challenging runs, it’s best for strong intermediate and advanced skiers. The first resort built and built by the owners of the Fiat Car Company was Sestriere. Its competitive nature is known as it hosts the Alpine Ski World Cup events regularly and hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games.

Skiing and snowboarding in the Milky Way
For intermediate skills, skiing is excellent, with good opportunities for beginners and advanced skiers as well. With a fantastic snowboard fun park available in Sestriere and mini-parks available in each of the resorts themselves, snowboarders are also well catered for in the Milky Way. In terms of technology, many of the resorts have been quickly tracked into the 21st Century, being host to several events at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Ski holidays in the Milky Way
With their wide range of childcare facilities, excellent money-saving offers, and quiet atmospheres, families are best placed in Montgenevre or Claviere. The nursery slopes are very close to the centre of the villages in both of these resorts, giving them easy access to most hotels and chalets. Sauze d’Oulx provides groups with the vast array of restaurants and non-stop nightlife on offer with the widest range of options, ideal for you to dip in and out as you prefer. The accommodation is more varied and is at affordable prices of good quality. Sestriere is the best resort for more advanced skiers for challenging runs as well as snow confidence.
Whichever resort you choose to stay in this incredible ski area, don’t worry that you can take full advantage of the excellent links that join the entire Milky Way area, to enable you to enjoy the whole ski circuit.