November 24, 2020

Skiing, Snowboarding And Social Distancing

Skiing, Snowboarding And Social Distancing

The onset of covid19 around the world has seen us live our lives in a very different manner. How long will this last is anyone’s guess, however, life goes on and we must adapt as to how we go about our daily business. This includes how we plan our social activities and holidays around social distancing when skiing and snowboarding.

It’s important to plan something to look forward to, especially for our mental health and wellbeing. As long as we are safe in our approach to holidays, and take guidance from experts such as The World Health Organisation (WHO) we can once again enjoy overseas trips.

We have been told the changes we must adhere to for our summer holidays but what about our skiing and snowboarding holidays? Although this is July and we associate skiing in the winter months, let’s not forget that ski centres in the southern hemisphere are beginning to open for the ski season. Australia, New Zealand, and Lesotho are just three countries that have re-opened already. If you are craving the ski buzz and want to experience the thrill of the snow now, make your way south.

In saying that, there are more countries looking to open for the ski season in the northern hemisphere including Austria, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, and the USA. These countries offer glacier skiing and they are keen to entice skiers back to the slopes.

What restrictions are there when skiing and snowboarding?
Every country bar New Zealand have a measure of restrictions in place, to keep their holidaymakers safe:

  • Tickets are to be purchased online in advance
  • Face masks must be worn when in public areas – away from the slopes
  • There is a limit on the number of people allowed on the slopes
  • The ski lift will only allow a certain amount of people at any one time

How far do you need to socially distance at the ski resorts?
That can vary from country to country, however, there are five different social distancing measurements that countries are working with. This could change at a future date so please use it for reference only at this time. When booking your ski holiday, ask them to confirm the social distancing rules for you.

The Open Travel Index have reported the current social distancing regulations:

  • New Zealand – no social distancing has been put in to place yet
  • Austria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Sweden – 1 metre which is 3.3 feet
  • Australia, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia – 1.5 m which is 5 feet
    US – 1.8 m which is 6 feet
  • Canada, Poland, Scotland, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland – 2 m which is 6.7 feet

Will social distancing damage the economy of ski resorts around the world?
It will have an impact of course, as with all holiday companies and most businesses too. This pandemic has for now, changed the way we live our lives. All we can hope for is that one day, we can get back to what we know as normality. For now, we take the advice that is offered to us for our own safety.

A minimum of at least 1 metre (3.3 feet) has been recommended by WHO – The World Health Organisation. This 1 metre rule will hopefully help to stop the spread of the covid19 virus, along with wearing face masks and washing our hands frequently.

Let’s move forward
Life is slowly changing for the better and at least we can now see light at the end of the tunnel. Adrenalin junkies need their ski fix and they can get it – just be safe!