December 9, 2023

The Advanced Guide To Skiing In Breckenridge

orange ski and houses
Breckenridge, Colorado, USA town skyline in winter at dawn.

Breckenridge is a ski resort located in Colorado (USA). Skiing and snowboarding are available over 153 km of slopes. A total of 24 lifts are used to convey the guests. Between 2,926 and 3,914 m above sea level, the winter sports area is located. There are a total of 187 trails.

Breckenridge is the highest ski resort and the tallest village in Summit County, Colorado. The settlement is located at the height of 2926 meters, and the lifts will carry you to a height of 3914 m. Breckenridge draws visitors from all around the world every year because of its Victorian architecture. The ski resort starts with gentle woodland aisle slopes and increasingly steepens as it ascends to the bowls, making advanced skiers work hard. For more skiing in Colorado options please click the link.

Ski stats for Breckenridge
The winter season lasts from mid-November until mid-April (Weather & conditions permitting)
2,926 m (9,600 ft) is the base elevation
The summit is 12,998 feet above sea level (3,963 m)
1,036 m (3,398 ft) in altitude
There are 34 lifts in all
4 Super Chairs with a 6-passenger capacity and high-speed travel
Six high-speed quad lifts
There is one permanent quadrant
One lift (three)
Six double lifts are available
One gondola with an 8-passenger capacity
On the surface, there are four elevators
There are eleven carpet lifts in all
Lift capacity: 37,880 people per hour

Breckenridge chairlifts
Breckenridge ski resort is recognised for its high-speed, modern chairlifts. Unfortunately, none of the chair lifts is equipped with weather protection. Breckenridge is connected to the ski resort via a contemporary 8-person gondola lift with two middle stations. The Imperial Express Super Chair, which reaches a height of 3914 m, is the world’s highest detachable quad chair lift.

Breckenridge terrain
1177 hectares / 2908 acres of total ski/ride terrain
Every day, 600 acres / 241 hectares are mowed (29% of total terrain)
The bowls cover 1061 acres (429 hectares).
The size of a Terrain Park is 25 acres (10 hectares).
Snowmaking covers 600 acres (243 hectares) of land.
Four O’Clock is the longest trail, measuring 3.5 miles (5.6 km).

Towns/villages near ski resorts (distance from town centre):
Breckenridge is a Colorado ski resort town (0.8 km)
Blue River (7 km)
The city of Frisco is located in the state of Texas (15 km)
Silverthorne (22 km)
Dillon (23 km)

Description of the terrain
The most straightforward 14% of the time is: Breckenridge is well-known for having some of the world’s best learning terrain. The Super6 and A lifts on Peak 9 are located off Chair 7 on Peak 8, as are most beginner routes, including a piece of the 3.5 miles Four O’Clock run, Breckenridge’s longest trail.

It’s more challenging 31% of the time:
Peak 7 is a dream come true for intermediates, with seven more gently rolling, more challenging runs accessible via a six-passenger Super Chair. Claimjumper, along with Northstar and Crescendo, is without a doubt the locals’ favourite. Two high-speed Super Chairs on Peak 9 give you access to more than ten intermediate trails, allowing you to ski and ride nonstop.

The Difficulty Level is 19%:
Duke’s Run on Peak 8 features a fantastic mix of groomed terrain. Don’t forget the Pika, Ptarmigan, White Crown, and Forget-Me-Not for wide-open bowls and picturesque landscapes. The Peerless is a great place to learn how to ride bumps, while bump veterans will like 6-Chair, especially on a powder day. After a quick ride up the Falcon Super Chair on Peak 10, skiers and riders can reach three advanced intermediate groomers, steep and deep bump lines, and the fabled glades of The Burn.