Top tips to sell your ski property

You have decided to sell your beautiful ski home. It’s time to move on and let your property be loved by someone else. Maybe you are keen to try a new ski destination or country for a change or your family is growing and you are moving from a ski apartment to a chalet or ski lodge.

Before you put it on the market you need to make it attractive and appealing to prospective buyers. So what is your first step? The first step is to look objectively at your property and look at it from a buyer’s perspective. What is appealing? What needs improving? What will make your ski property be attractive to potential buyers?

Generally ski properties and the surrounding areas are well maintained so in reality you shouldn’t need to do very much. As many feature traditional wood inside there shouldn’t be any paint touch ups needed. Highlight all the special features, maybe you have a hot tub on the terrace or your own private indoor swimming pool, each are very attractive selling points. How close are you to ski lifts, shops, bars, restaurants and nightlife? Panoramic mountain views are a bonus as are proximity to the nearest airport.

Before you start to advertise your ski property for sale, follow the next steps and you will find yourself at a good starting position:

Look around your local area – what properties similar to yours has sold recently and how much for?

Viewings – are important and first impressions are vital therefore you want the prospective buyer to see that the property has been well maintained.

Does it look presentable? – What does your property look like from outside? Is it in a block of ski apartments? Maybe it’s a chocolate box chalet style which are very pretty to look at anyway, are the surrounding areas clean, move any bins or unsightly items, you want your property to catch a buyer’s eye.

When was the last time you cleaned the windows? – This is a must clean inside and out and also clean the frames, possibly a little more difficult if you live in an apartment.

Welcome mat – it’s surprising what a difference a simple “welcome” mat can make. It makes a home look inviting plus a nicely lit lamp for early evening makes the entrance look cosy.

Inside your home – if you have any outstanding DIY then finish it, you don’t have to spend a lot to make a house look presentable. Fix those broken door handles and any other small jobs. Then clean everywhere, it needs to be pristine and it still needs to look homely. Remove all clutter nobody wants to see a mound of shoes or ski equipment, make it look presentable and inviting.

Ski equipment – as apartments and chalets have lockable storage or drying rooms there is no excuse for ski equipment of any sort to be lying around.

Dining tables – this can be tricky, if you dress it up as though you are about to host a dinner party it could look a bit too much, opt for some candles or a couple of beautifully designed bowls.

Floors – whatever type of flooring you have you need to make sure it’s clean and swept, ensure any rugs you have are not thread bare.

Lounge area – if possible position your sofas and chairs into a conversation area not an area that is used to watch TV, it looks more inviting. As most ski homes are not used daily the chances are you may not even have a TV.

Bedrooms – this is important to use neutral tones in here to create a large space, go for plain linen and if you want to incorporate colour do so by way of cushions and a folded blanket at the end of the bed. The buyer can see their own colour choice can be easily integrated into the room.

Built in wardrobes or cupboard space – it’s a possibility the buyer may want to see inside so make sure they are tidy.

Children’s rooms and toys – as difficult as this may be the bedrooms need to be tidy as these rooms are generally the smallest of bedrooms. Toys need to be put away too.

Spare bedroom/junk room – we all have that one room we use to hide everything, you need to clear this space, turn into a spare bedroom or just a clean room that can be turned into whatever the potential buyer wants.

Bathroom – this room needs to gleam, make it clean, light and bright, white is good and splashes of colour can be added by way of a fluffy towel or two. Make sure the bins are emptied and all personal items stored away, nobody wants to see it. Have a bar of fresh soap to put by the sink for viewings.

Summary – ensure everything is in working order and you are happy to put your property up for sale, from now on keep your home looking neat and tidy at all times so you are not caught out with a last minute viewing. Speak to a reputable agent; visit a few to get a good idea of what an accurate and realistic asking price you should advertise for. Ask around friends and family for recommendations.

An online presence is vital and good professional pictures of your property will enhance its selling points. Floor plans are also essential along with an accurate property description; it needs to catch the potential buyer’s attention.

As soon as your property is on the market instruct a solicitor so all the legal paperwork is in place as soon as you have a buyer.

You need to be as flexible as possible with viewing times; the more buyers that view the quicker your property will sell. If your ski property is a holiday home the chances are you will not be around for viewings so ensure its spic and span ready for the agent to show.

There you have it top tips to make the most of your ski property when you want to sell it. It’s important to feel proud of your property and the years you have lived there need to reflect the care and attention you have poured into it. Once you have made the decision to sell, it only takes a week at the most to sort out the improvement points listed above.

All that is left to say is good luck finding a buyer for your ski home and you now know what to look for when searching for your new ski home, happy hunting!