Travel hints and tips for skiers

As with most holidays when you travel by air to get to your destination there are certain restrictions for skiers and snowboarders. It is worth booking as far in advance as possible so you have everything in place, don’t forget you will have plenty of baggage with you so plan ahead! What type of flight will you consider?

Charter Flights

These are booked by tour operators for those on a package holiday, generally, these offer value for money because it’s booked as part of a package. It is possible to just buy a seat on a charter flight so it’s worth shopping around to take advantage of special deals.

Scheduled Flights

Great prices are usually on offer on this type of flight especially on ski routes if you book in advance. Always remember to book this kind of flight by credit card so if the airline goes bust you will get your money back.

Best offers – search for the good offers, booking in advance will give you the best deals possible.

If you haven’t already, sign up to various airlines for the special deals and early bird offers.

Baggage – you must check the baggage restrictions with your chosen airline before you book. You can always wear your ski jacket and some bulky items to keep your luggage costs to a minimum.

Pre-Book – remember to pre-book your baggage as you will have plenty of it! Pre-booking usually means cheaper rates especially ski and snowboard carriage.

Ski carriage – costs can vary considerably in ski carriage and if you are flying to the mountains, for example, they will be more costly. Keep an eye on the airline websites to check for any updated changes.

Luggage tags – put plenty of luggage tags on all your bags and ski equipment, use brightly coloured ribbons to make it easily identifiable on the carousel.

Airport parking – If you plan to drive to the airport pre-booking airport parking is cheaper, look around for park and ride deals they are often much cheaper rates than airports.

Airport transfer – once you have landed how do you get to your chosen destination? Hire car, taxi, shuttle bus or by train, make a plan and book in advance do not leave it until the last minute. Most people will hire a car but if you don’t fancy driving yourself, many European airports have great links to buses and trains. In Switzerland, they offer a fantastic service by way of their trains where you can have your entire luggage sent directly to your ski resort. If you prefer to travel by bus you can inquire with some tour operators to sell you a seat, look online for hire car and taxi companies there are plenty to choose from.

Travel money – when it comes to your currency it pays to plan ahead. The best rates can be found online where you can get your currency delivered to your home address. Avoid exchanging your money at the airport bureau de change as the rates here aren’t the best. Watch out for unexpected fees and charges when using cash machines abroad. Where possible buy goods and services in the local currency and try to avoid dynamic currency conversion when using card machines.

Travel Insurance – is essential and you can book either a single trip or an annual policy but you do need it. Don’t be left stranded with medical costs as anything can happen on the slopes. Ensure your cover is comprehensive, read the small print and if you think you will take part in anything other than skiing then make sure it’s covered in the policy. There are lots of options and if in doubt cover for every eventuality, some insurers now insist you wear a helmet so check it out.

Last but not least have a wonderful time; there is nothing as exciting or thrilling as the exhilaration of stepping out onto the crisp clean snow and breathing in fresh mountain air and after a day hitting the slopes have fun après ski style, enjoy!