February 25, 2024

French Ski Resorts Accessible by Train

For those seeking an eco-friendly and leisurely journey to their ski homes, traveling by train offers a sustainable alternative. This guide highlights French ski resorts easily accessible from train stations, providing not only a lower carbon footprint but also a more relaxed travel experience compared to planes.

Benefits of Train Travel:
Choosing trains significantly reduces carbon emissions, with rail travel generating ten times less than a car journey and thirteen times less than air travel, according to data from the Rail Travel Group. Beyond being environmentally conscious, train travel allows a more leisurely pace, eliminating the need for early arrivals and security checks. The journey itself becomes part of the experience, offering opportunities to unwind, enjoy scenic views, and even visit the onboard bar.

Eurostar Ski Train 2023/24:
Running from December 16th to February 4th, 2024, the Eurostar ski train offers straightforward routes from London St. Pancras International to Chambéry, Albertville, Moûtiers-Salins-Brides-Les-Bains, Aime-la-Plagne, or Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Departing every Saturday with return journeys on Sundays, this train allows two bags and ski equipment, and passport checks are done in the UK for a seamless arrival at the ski resorts.

Fast Train from Paris:
Alternatively, travelers can take the Eurostar to Paris and then switch to a fast train to reach their preferred ski resort. Paris-Lyon serves as a crucial point for high-speed TGV trains, connecting various French ski destinations.

Ski Resorts Close to Train Stations:
For those looking to minimize transfer time between the train station and their ski home, Méribel, part of Les 3 Vallées, is just a twenty-minute drive from Moûtiers train station. Similarly, Sainte-Foy is a short twelve-minute drive from Bourg-Saint-Maurice, while La Plagne’s Plagne 1800 village is a seventeen-minute drive to Aime train station. These resorts offer a convenient blend of accessibility and stunning alpine experiences.

Opting for train travel not only promises a lower carbon footprint but transforms the journey itself into an integral part of the ski home experience. With a range of French ski resorts easily reachable by train, enthusiasts can embrace sustainability, scenic vistas, and a more leisurely approach to their alpine getaways.

For those seeking minimal transfer time between the train station and their ski retreat, several French ski resorts stand out, each located within a convenient half-hour radius of the train station.

1. Méribel:
Nestled in Les 3 Vallées, France’s largest ski resort with an expansive 600km of pistes, Méribel is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere and vibrant après-ski scene. Boasting charming chalet-style architecture, it’s a favorite among British holidaymakers.

Journey to Train Station: Méribel is conveniently close to Moûtiers train station, just a twenty-minute drive away. Travelers have the option of taxi services or utilizing bus shuttles for a hassle-free transfer.

2. Les Coches, La Tania, and Montchavin:
Moûtiers, a key train station, serves as a gateway to not only Méribel but also to the ski resorts of Les Coches, La Tania, and Montchavin. All within a thirty to forty-minute range by car or bus, these resorts offer diverse skiing experiences.

3. Sainte-Foy:
Sainte-Foy, a petite yet spectacular ski resort, caters to a range of abilities with its well-designed pistes. The presence of restaurants and bars provides downtime options, and the resort’s lesser-known status ensures a quieter atmosphere compared to major ski destinations.

Choosing a ski resort within close proximity to the train station not only minimizes travel time but also enhances the overall experience, allowing enthusiasts to swiftly transition from the scenic train journey to the slopes.

This guide directs skiing enthusiasts to French ski resorts conveniently located within half an hour from train stations, ensuring a seamless transition from the railway to the slopes. Méribel, part of Les 3 Vallées, stands out for its family-friendly ambiance, lively après-ski scene, and picturesque chalet-style architecture. With Moûtiers train station just a twenty-minute drive away, Méribel offers both taxi services and bus shuttles for efficient transfers. Moûtiers serves as a key station, providing access to Les Coches, La Tania, and Montchavin resorts within a thirty to forty-minute range by car or bus.

Sainte-Foy, though petite, offers a spectacular skiing experience with diverse pistes catering to various skill levels. With amenities like restaurants and bars, Sainte-Foy’s quieter atmosphere distinguishes it from larger resorts. The strategic proximity of these resorts to train stations not only reduces travel time but transforms the journey into an integral part of the overall alpine experience, ensuring skiing enthusiasts can swiftly transition from the scenic train ride to the snow-covered slopes.