February 25, 2024

Healthcare Essentials for UK Citizens Purchasing Homes in France for 2024

Ski Property Healthcare Guide for UK Citizens: Navigating Health Services in Europe:
Your comprehensive manual for unlocking healthcare in Europe, tailored for those seeking shorter stays or settling down. Discover the benefits of health insurance and how to integrate into your new European home’s healthcare system.

Embarking on the journey to own a picturesque ski property in Europe is thrilling. Amidst planning your après-ski activities and interior decor, it’s crucial to prioritize your healthcare arrangements abroad. This guide is crafted for British nationals on the verge of securing their dream ski residence in Europe.

Is the UK GHIC Sufficient?
British citizens are eligible for the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), facilitating healthcare coverage for visits to Europe under 90 days. This card serves as the successor to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you possess an EHIC, it remains valid until its expiration. The GHIC enables access to necessary state-provided healthcare in EU nations, mirroring the entitlements of local residents.

While some services may be free, others might necessitate a fee similar to that charged to nationals. Coverage spans emergency A&E visits, routine maternity care, and certain chronic condition treatments. However, it’s important to note that the GHIC does not cover ski or mountain rescue operations. For more details, visit the official GHIC information page.

The Importance of Health Insurance:
Given the inherent risks associated with skiing, solely relying on the GHIC might not offer complete peace of mind. Additionally, with the quality of national healthcare systems varying across countries, many opt for the security health insurance provides. Despite the UK’s departure from the Schengen Zone, there are insurance options available that cover healthcare needs in both the EU and the UK.

Moreover, health insurance is increasingly becoming a requirement for obtaining certain European long-term visas. For instance, Spain mandates comprehensive health insurance for applicants of its digital nomad, golden, and non-lucrative visas. Specific visa requirements can be checked at SchegenVisaInfo.

Customizable Health Insurance Plans:
The ideal health insurance plan depends on personal and family needs. For instance, ALC’s Bronze+ Plan is a popular choice, offering essential coverage for in-patient, day-patient, and out-patient services. For a 50-year-old residing in France, this plan costs approximately £262 monthly, with adjustments for pre-existing conditions.

The S1 Form for Retirees:
UK nationals planning to retire in a European ski chalet must inform their GP, as they will no longer be eligible for free NHS care. However, UK pension recipients residing in an EU country or Switzerland can apply for an S1 form. This allows access to the host country’s healthcare system, funded by the UK, though not free as under the NHS. This form also applies to posted workers. More information is available on the official S1 form guidance page.

Long-term Healthcare Access:
For those moving to a European ski chalet permanently (excluding retirees and posted workers), registering with the local national healthcare system might be an option. For instance, in Italy, employment or self-employment enables compulsory registration (‘iscrizione obbligatoria’), while those without employment can opt for voluntary registration (‘iscrizione volontaria’) with an annual fee. Further details are available on the Italian healthcare registration website.

In France, a three-month residency qualifies you to apply for PUMa (Protection Universelle Maladie), granting healthcare access on par with French citizens. Starting the process involves visiting a local CPAM office, with immediate registration available to those employed. Before obtaining a ‘Carte Vitale’, consider private health insurance coverage.

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