How to Prepare for Your Ski Holiday in North America

A skiing holiday in North America is an amazing way to spend part of the cold season, with crisp white snow and blue skies. Skiing is such a popular sport because it combines gorgeous views, the fresh mountain air, and a full day of fun exercise. Whether you are a first-time beginner or an advanced skier, North American ski resorts are something you absolutely have to experience.

Going on a ski holiday requires preparation, which will make the holiday much more fun, and ensure that it flows smoothly. Here are some of the essentials:

Bring a Warm Drink

When you are out on the slopes, it is not rare that sometimes you will feel the chill, even through your layers and layers of clothing. While most of the time the exercise you do will be great at warming you up, sometimes having a hot drink is necessary to preserve your warmth. Bringing a Hydro Flask Mug out on the slopes with you is an absolute game changer – this will also mean you don’t have to queue in a mountain café each time you fancy something warm. Check out some of the earth-friendly gear from Hydro Flask to see what kinds of flasks are available and in which sizes, so you can find the perfect one to fit in your day rucksack.

Invest In Some New Mittens

Mittens are often much warmer than gloves, as the shared heat from your fingers keeps your other fingers warm. Temperatures in North American ski resorts can drop down extremely low, so it is best to be prepared for this. If possible, having two different pairs of mittens for your holiday is even better – if it has been a particularly snowy day, your mittens may not be completely dry by the following day and there is absolutely nothing worse than a slightly damp, cold pair of mittens. Unless you have a reliable way to dry your mittens, such as on a heater, it is smart to bring two pairs.

Stretch Before and After Each Day

Stretching is a must when it comes to skiing. Skiing is one of those sports that is so fun that you often forget you are actually doing pretty intense exercise. In the build-up to your ski holiday, doing some simple leg stretches each day will be worth it when you are out on the slopes. Having an increased range of motion is always a good thing. Additionally, before and after each day you should incorporate some stretches – this will prepare you for both the day ahead and for the following day. If you do not stretch at all, the muscle ache can really build up and you may feel completely burnt out by your third or fourth day.

Nothing beats the rush of plummeting down a mountain side surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature imaginable. The only thing that can ruin it is being ill prepared, so make sure you do your research and have everything you need for a fantastic holiday!

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