Luxury Ski Holidays for the Whole Family in Savoie, France

Sometimes, it can be hard to find a location where you can combine the pleasure of luxury and an environment that is perfect for the family. Skiing is a sport that you want to enjoy with the children, but if they are too young to go down the hills with you, you want them to enjoy their time as well, either by learning how to ski or having fun on the mountain. Les Arcs skiing in Savoie is the place to go this winter. Here is why.

A Perfect Location in front of the Mont Blanc

Everyone knows that the Mont Blanc is unique in the world, when it comes to the quality of ski that you can practice on its slopes and the various mountains that are found around it. Les Arcs huge skiing area is located right in front of this internationally known mountain, in the heart of the Savoie region. Created only 15 years ago, all of its accommodations are in perfect conditions. This 5-star ski resort really possesses everything any family may want, when it comes to ski trips, but also in summer time, to enjoy the fresh air of the mountain.

When you book a room at Les Arcs, you find yourself waking up at the feet of the ski hills. The resort offers over 3,600 beds, in full luxury, and adapted to family’s needs. You won’t be missing anything, since you can find all you require inside the village, with services of the highest level that you might encounter in the best ski resorts around the world. If you would like to know what the weather looks like right now, you can do so on an internet page, which offers Les Arcs weather conditions. This way, you will know exactly what to pack, before you head there for a few days of fun on the hill.

A Kid’s Paradise

One of the characteristics that parents are looking for, when booking a family trip, is security. They want their kids to always be in safety, whenever they are inside or walking around the resort. Les Arcs has been built with security in mind, since their objective was to create a luxury lifestyle for family.

There are so many activities aimed at children, that your kids will never have time to be bored. They will find games everywhere around the resort, but most specifically in the Games Village, where they can play to their heart’s content. If they go out on the streets, they will find small ski hills on which they can go down either on a toboggan or simply by rolling from top to bottom. They can also practice all the other fun activities that winter has to offer, such as building a snowman or enjoying a snowball fight with their new friends that they will have made on the resort.

Finally, there are activities for the whole family as well, at all times. Freestyle shows, parades and concerts will keep the whole family busy and entertained, longing to come back for more next year. Les Arcs ski resort really shows that luxury and family go well together.

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