February 25, 2024

Top tips for the new skier

child skier

You will need a lot of ski equipment but our advice is don’t buy just yet, you can borrow from family, friends or neighbours. Ski equipment can be hired from the resort you have chosen all you need to do is check what you can hire. One way to view it is you will save not paying ski luggage at the airport. Most first time skiers from the UK head to the French Alps.

Improve your fitness level

Skiing is a physically demanding sport and you need to make sure you can withstand spending on average six hours every day of your holiday on the slopes, increase your heart rate and ensure your leg muscles are strengthened. It’s said that to get into shape you need to start exercising around three months before your holiday.

Don’t let t non-skiers put you off

What you will often find is people who have never skied will give you lots of bad advice, how can they? They will say to you, it’s too cold and dangerous and it costs a fortune, why don’t you have a nice beach holiday instead. Don’t listen it’s not like your going to go hurtling down a slope dodging trees is it. It’s a new experience for you, not them.

Knowledge is power

Therefore scour the internet, look at videos and read up as much as you can about learning to ski, there is plenty of very good information out there.

Visit an indoor ski slope

Practice makes perfect they say and it’s true, an indoor ski slope will give you a good indication of what to expect. A few lessons here will be invaluable and as these centres make their own snow they are quite authentic, you can get used to skis and ski boots and sessions booked will give you a good understanding what to expect.

Book lessons at the resort ski school

You need expert tuition from a qualified ski instructor; don’t let family or friends who already ski teach you. If you feel a little embarrassed in a school with others you can book private lessons and here you will make rapid progress. Book morning sessions and practise in the afternoons.


It’s vital as accidents do happen, a turned ankle can easily be treated but sometimes a visit to the hospital is necessary, make sure you’re covered.

For your first visit book a ski chalet

This is because you are catered for; you can book your flights, transfers and accommodation with meals. This will give you time to concentrate on learning to ski but remember to look around for the best deals.

Read the notice board daily for snow reports

This will give you the best advice for any expected changes in weather, the day could start out sunny and mild but turn, take a backpack for necessities.

Enjoy it

Skiing is exhilarating and once you have learnt the basics you can only improve your skiing ability.