What Is The Ski Resort Of Andermatt Like?

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At 1437 metres, the Andermatt ski resort in Switzerland is nestled in a beautiful mountain village landscape. It is located in the heart of the Saint-Gotthard Massif and the historical crossroads of Switzerland’s north-south and east-west traverses. The settlement has traditional wooden chalets and is typical of a Swiss community. If you’re thinking about going skiing in Andermatt, here’s everything you need to know about the resort and what to anticipate while you’re there.

What is the location of Andermatt?
Switzerland has some of the most magnificent ski resorts. Andermatt is a charming Alpine hamlet located in the canton of Uri. Andermatt/Oberalp/Sedrun is the largest ski resort in the Andermatt Sedrun Disentis area. Lifts and slopes have been built to connect the Oberalp Pass and Dieni near Sedrun, creating a single winter sports area. The ski resort is about 0.5 kilometres from Andermatt’s village centre.

There are views of Andermatt, including Nätschen and Gütsch, through the Schneehüenerstock to the Oberalp Pass, and on to Dieni near Sedrun via Calmut, Val Val, and Cuolm Val. Within the piste area, there is also a controlled unprepared (off-piste) section. How do you invest in a ski property if you love Andermatt so much?

Andermatt skiing
Andermatt’s piste skiing is also excellent, with extensive slopes to the village. With the construction of the Schneehüenerstock-Express 10-person cable car, the link was completed. The Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (MGB) line connects Andermatt, the Oberalp Pass, and Sedrun, one of the winter sports area’s unique attractions.
Andermatt’s high elevation and 330 snow cannons have made the Swiss resort a reliable source of snow. When the circumstances are appropriate, there are some fantastic off-piste opportunities to take advantage of. There are no glacier ski resorts in Andermatt.

What is Andermatt’s claim to fame?
Andermatt is known for its intermediate skiing, with 70 kilometres of slopes, magnificent vistas, and steep slopes. Andermatt is noted for its challenging routes and distinctive après-ski. If you are a beginner skier, there are 18 km of blue runs on which you can improve your skills before moving on to the red slopes.

What is après ski in Andermatt like?
Andermatt is the first site we’ve seen where you can enjoy après ski while travelling. They renovated a train into an après ski train as part of the massive investment in the ski area in recent years, giving you the most panoramic après offering we know of.

Overview of the ski resort of Andermatt

The slopes
The elevation is 1156 m (1444 m – 2600 m)
There are 70 kilometres of ski slopes
18 kilometres of blue runs (easy)
40 kilometres of red runs (intermediate)
Advanced and experienced skiers will enjoy the 12 km of black routes
13 ski lifts transport 26300 people every hour
From mid-November until mid-April, the resort is open
There is one cog train, three gondola lifts, eight high-speed chairlifts, and one T bar lift are available.

Villages in the vicinity
Andermatt (0.5 km)
Sedrun (2.8 km)
Dieni (0.1 km)
Hospental (4 km)
Göschenen (6 km)
Realp (10 km)
Zumdorf (7 km)

Winter sports and activities in Andermatt
Winter sports such as freeriding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and winter hiking are all available.

Andermatt ski resort’s nearest airports
Zurich International (125 km)
Milano Malpensa Airport (195 km)

Most guests fly into Zurich International Airport, which is around an hour and 40 minutes away from the Andermatt ski resort. Milan Airport is about a two-hour drive away. Before you fly, keep up with the latest travel news and tips for skiers.

Why should you go to Andermatt ski resort?
Andermatt is a fantastic resort for advanced skiers, with lots of challenging skiing across the board. The best expert terrain is on Gemsstock Mountain, where the top cable car delivers long, exciting, and highly snow-sure lines (both on and off-piste) of roughly 900 m vertical. You can buy a home in the resort if you want to ski all year.