February 25, 2024

Erciyes Ski Resort In Turkey

Erciyes Ski Resort In Turkey

Erciyes is a skiing resort in Turkey, near the town of Kayseri, is rated as one of Europe’s best destinations. It is situated on the highest mountain in Central Anatolia, Mount Erciyes. In the Central Anatolia Region, is Erciyes-Kayseri ski resort. There are 55.1km of slopes available for skiing and snowboarding. Fourteen lifts carry visitors. The winter sports area is located between the 2.088 and 3.346 m elevations.

What does EDEN mean?
Renowned as one of the most distinguished ski resorts in Turkey and the world, Erciyes Ski Resort in Kayseri, central Turkey, will be part of the prestigious European Destinations of Excellence Network (EDEN), coordinated by the European Commission, the European Union’s executive branch.
The resort in Kayseri province was considered one of the top five destinations among the 30 entries from Turkey. The Commission will initiate comprehensive efforts across Europe to encourage the establishment of locations throughout the network.
EDEN encourages a new way of travelling in Europe, attracting the popularity and uniqueness of emerging European tourist destinations. Visitors will encounter the real country and culture as it is discovered every day EDEN promotes a new way to travel in Europe. Turkey’s other cities to be listed under EDEN are Afyonkarahisar, Ankara, Izmir, and Balikesir.

Erciyes ski resort
Is also one of the semi-finalists of the competition 2021 The World’s Best Ski Resort. The Erciyes Ski Resort has recently been certified to take all precautionary measures against the coronavirus’s spread. It is the first ski resort in the world to have the Secure Ski Resort certification so far.

The resort team organises lift guidance, slope planning, and artificial snow production. There is one hand to run social activities, sports organisations, tourist organisations. The resort promises to guarantee the safety and satisfaction for every guest who comes to the mountain to stay here and be happy.

Ski resort Facilities
Ski resort towns/villages (distance from the centre of town): Hacılar (7 km) Kayseri (19 km)
2088 m – 3346 m elevation (Difference 1258 m)
Pistes of Skiing
Overall: 55.1 km
Blue easy runs 19.8 km
Red Intermediate Runs 23 Km
Black/advanced runs 12.3 km
Number of ski lifts 14
The ski lifts move 23,800 passengers/hour
Total lift length: 23 km Total lift length

Turkey a year-round destination
Turkey is now a holiday destination year-round, offering holidays in any season. In spring, summer, and fall, you can visit beach destinations and ski resorts in the winter.

Ski Resort Uludag in Turkey
We mustn’t forget that the ski resort of Uludag is one hour from Bursa. Turkey is full of great travel surprises and none more enjoyable than a few days in Uludag, and a short three hours by ferry and taxi from Istanbul. Uludag is situated in a national park of stunning nature. When you combine alpine terrain with Turkish flavour, you get a great long weekend destination that can only enhance your overall feeling for modern Turkey’s incredibly diverse land.
You will find yourself in the middle of a very trendy and affluent winter playground for the Istanbul business community, if you stay at one of the hotels. Please think of social Aspen combined with Wyndham or Hunter’s Mountains, and all of it blended with the warmest Turkish hospitality and great food.

Skiing in Turkey
Is spread over a vast mountain (Uladog) slope, much above the tree line. This isn’t Vail, but this is still an authentic ski resort. I would look at it like most of Turkey; it was a severe resort in its early days of growth. Combined with the mountain’s undeveloped areas, the location and ease of access can only mean that this resort will expand significantly.