September 30, 2020

Skiing in Antarctica

Maybe skiing in Antarctica isn’t something you have ever thought about! All that snow and no ski resorts, well there wouldn’t be would there. Antarctica is the southernmost continent and is an area of the South Pole. Nobody lives there except on research stations, however, tourists do visit the Antarctic Peninsular, usually via cruise ships that also visit South America.

This uninhibited landmass is a draw for ski and snowboard junkies who want to visit one of the most unusual places to ski in the world. At Port Lockroy there is a museum which was once a research station, there is wildlife and if you love penguins, it’s a must trip of a lifetime! If you don’t mind skiing and snowboarding without ski lifts, Antarctica is for you!

No ski lifts I hear you say? No, you need to get up the mountains yourself but once you do you will be well and truly rewarded with spectacular views and ultra-fresh air. You will never have seen anything like it, mountains and pure, clean snow as far as the eye can see. Its remoteness is breathtakingly beautiful and skiing, snowboarding, kite skiing, and boarding is a joy to partake in. Skiing in Antarctica is the ultimate location to ski in, it’s one for the adventurous who seek the ultimate ski and snowboarding location in the world.

The misconception is that Antarctica is flat, it couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s not for the fainthearted either. When you ski in Antarctica you stay in camps and get ready for this, they are a style of tents. It goes without saying you will be toasty warm, but you also have the choice of staying in yachts too if you prefer.

This type of adventure is for groups of friends and families with a certain fitness level, it has to be said.

Skiing and snowboarding in Antarctica

  • Its average elevation is 2,500 m (8,200ft)
  • Gentle terrain
  • Mellow terrain
  • Antarctica is the highest continent in the world
  • Backcountry downhill skiing and snowboarding
  • Cross country skiing
  • Sledding
  • Ski touring/split board
  • The ideal time to visit is late spring and early summer
  • Temperatures at this time usually range between -5°C to +5°C

Ski down pristine slopes and be surrounded by natural wilderness and penguins, lots of them! Many different species of penguins live here along the shores with a backdrop of icebergs, is it picture-perfect? Indeed it is and if you’re looking for the wow factor you have found it. I can guarantee that wherever you ski and snowboard after enjoying these delights in Antarctica, it will never be the same again. You will never encounter another spot on earth quite like this. Other wildlife you can expect to see are fur seals and orcas. Skiing in Antarctica is not easy to get to and will cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth every single penny! No amount of money can buy an experience like this!

How do you get to Antarctica?

Most tourists will ski on the Antarctic Peninsula in West Antarctica. It’s reached via boat from Ushuaia in Argentina some 1,238 km away. You can also reach Antarctica from Punta Arenas in Chile by plane.

When you’re choosing which company to book your Antarctic skiing trip with, ask for recommendations for companies who have plenty of experience. This isn’t your usual skiing holiday and the destination is extreme in more ways than one. More often than not you will be given training for ocean sailing and glacier travel which is necessary.

What else is there to say about skiing in Antarctica? It’s the trip of a lifetime and one to tick off your bucket list!