Skiing in Israel

Mount Hermon in Israel is on the border of Lebanon and if you want a change from your usual ski resort, why not try skiing in Israel this year? There is just one ski resort in Israel and it’s definitely worth a visit. You can take advantage of skiing and snowboarding, plus a range of other winter sports over 45 km of slopes where the snowfall is superb.

Mt. Hermon is 2,814 metres (9,230 feet) above sea level and the nearest airport to Mount Hermon is Tel Aviv which is 165 km away. The highest café in Israel is also found on Mt. Hermon, do you fancy a steaming cup of coffee whilst your head is in the clouds?

Mt. Hermon – is located in Neve Ativ, northern Israel, Middle East

  • Hotels are within the ski resort or just 0.5 km away
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • 45 km of slopes
  • 9 ski lifts – moving 8,200 passengers per hour
  • Elevations are between 1,600 m – 2,040 m
  • There are 3 km of beginner runs, 40 km of intermediate and 2 km for advanced skiers
  • A valley run
  • Vertical drop 440 m
  • Other sports facilities offered
  • Summer season
  • 3.0 stars out of 5
  • Ski season is from mid-December until mid-March

During the winter months some 300,000 visitors arrive at Mt. Hermon for skiing, snowboarding and sledding on the snow. However, in the summer months those numbers drastically reduce to 40,000 visitors to the mountain, to take part in all the summer activities that cover 1,235 acres of amazing views.

The summer season at Mt Hermon is packed full of activities. As its Israel’s highest mountain you can take part in hiking, walking, nature trails, tubing, off road karting and enjoy a ride on the mountain coaster. There is also birding, rock climbing, kayaking, swimming and jeep tours where you can admire the scenic landscapes of the Hula Valley and Golan Heights. The mountain coaster is a 950 m slide, akin to a bobsleigh ride but it runs on a tack.

Tubing rides in the summer serves up lots of fun, you sit on a hard-bottomed blow-up tire, on the artificial slope and go down as fast as you possibly can. It’s similar to snow sledding but without the snow, well it is summer! Three wheeled karting is for older children 15 years or over, where you can drive along a dirt track of over 850 m.

This ski resort is where the locals flock to for their winter sports fix and they enjoy their holidays in the summer here too. If you are looking for a ski resort with a difference, Mt. Hermon certainly has that. This is a great dual holiday location, you have skiing and snowboarding in winter and amazing sunshine in the summer with enough activities to make everyone happy.

Of course, Israel offers so many other sightseeing opportunities close to Mount Hermon so you don’t need to travel far. You can visit:

Nimrod Fortress National Park – lies at the foot of the southern slopes of Mt Hermon and is just 5.2 miles away. It dates back to the middle ages and is the largest remaining castle in Israel. Overlooking Golan Heights, it was used to defend western armies on route to attack.

Banias Waterfall – is located a mere 7 miles from Mount Hermon. It has beautiful and scenic trails for walking and hiking and its spring is the source of the Banias River which is one of the tributaries of the River Jordan.

Odem Mountain Winery is 8.1 miles from Mount Hermon. You can visit this winery and see how wine is produced.

Skiing in Israel serves up great skiing and snowboarding, with plenty to see and do in the winter and summer months.