Skiing In Lithuania

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Why not try skiing in Lithuania this winter for your skiing fix? With 7.8 km of ski slopes in Lithuania (Lietuva) and 28 ski lifts that operate the ski resorts. The most popular ski area is Druskininkai.

Are there winter sports in Lithuania?
Winter sports, are alive and becoming more common in Lithuania nowadays. There used to be winters that were very snowy and cold, but not anymore. In any case, during the winter, there are several weeks when Lithuania is full of snow and has a temperature of -30°C, and believe me, these kind of winters are the best in Lithuania. With different activities and incredible views, Lithuania can be a fantastic winter sports country.

What are the skiing resorts in Lithuania like?
Snow Arena-Druskininkai is the top ski resort with 2.7 out of 5 stars in the list of Lithuania’s best ski resorts (Lietuva). Up to 2 km of slopes (Liepkalnis-Vilnius (Ziemos trasa)) are provided by the largest ski resorts. In Lithuania, the highest ski resorts climb to an altitude of 220 m (Vilkaviskis).

Druskininkai’s Snow Arena – an artificial indoor ski resort. It is good to know that this resort is open for the entire year. The Snow Arena, however, also opens up the outdoor tracks during the winter. They have two indoor and two outdoor downhill ski tracks in total. In this arena, you will also find a Snow Park. The Snow Park is also situated in Druskininkai, a charming spa town in Lithuania, so it’s the perfect chance to escape and admire the spectacular views.

Druskininkai ski facts
Druskininkai Snow Arena is located in Alytus County (Alytaus Apskritis) in Lithuania.
Skiing and snowboarding
1.2 km of easy runs
Intermediate and advanced slopes are not available
Two ski lifts
Ski lifts move 2,800 passengers/hour
Elevations from 97 to 163 m

Opened in 2011, the Snow Arena ski hall is Lithuania’s first and only winter sports and entertainment centre. This unique ski arena offers 600 m of pistes, open 365 days a year. An added bonus is a 640 m long outdoor slope when snow conditions allow.

Liepkalnis, Vilnius Ski Resort, has nine tracks with a total distance of 2.6 km and a snow park with 20-30 different obstacles. Like the Snow Arena, there’s even artificial snow in Liepkalnis. The Liepkalnis is easy to reach by public transport.
Kalita Ski Resort, another ski resort in Lithuania, is situated in the cosy town of Anyksciai, in the eastern part of Lithuania. There are 300 m of piste available for skiing and snowboarding. The main ski area is 250 m long, and the height span is 40 m or so.

Can you hike in Aukstaitija National Park?
Yes, you can, Lithuania’s most mountainous area is its eastern part, facing the stunning Aukstaitija National Park. The best winter activity is found in the woods with narrow walking trails. The numerous trails are well marked so you won’t get lost. All the routes also have orientation signs and places of rest. The management of Aukstaitija National Park provides maps and all additional details. So, it’s the best spot for a fun and pleasant hike in Lithuania.
A must-visit is the Anyksciai Treetop Walking Route to Aukstaitija National Park. It is located in the authentic and famous pine forest of Anyksciai city. It is 300 m long and 21 m high. The 34 m high tower is the highest part of the road. This walking and pinewood trail is delightful. The Anyksciai Treetop Walking Path is a picturesque place to visit during the summer months. However, the snowy landscape scenes that greet you in the winter months are simply breathtaking.

Try skiing in Lithuania this winter for a different experience!