Skiing In Tenerife

Skiing In Tenerife

The highest peak in Spain is a volcano in Tenerife. Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands which is part of Spain. It was in 1909 that the last eruption occurred and as Parque Nacional del Teide, the mountain is protected. Nevertheless, you will find a small but charming ski resort called Teide within the Orotva Land, with up to 15 km of slopes with ski lifts and a large gondola.
While this ski resort is not very close to those in the Alps, you can still tell that you have skied in an immense extinct crater with a diameter of 10 kilometres, at an altitude of 2000 – 2300 m; it is filled with lava. While some flowers bloom there and make the foot of the rising cone a place of exceptional beauty, this flat region looks like a landscape on the moon.
Mount Teide is the highest mountain on any Atlantic island and the highest point in Spanish territory, at well over 12,000 ft, with a crown of snow for a couple of months each year. For sightseeing trips to the peak of Mount Teide, there is a cable car, and it provides stunning views of the other Canary Islands.

The Pico del Teide volcano dominates Tenerife; its summit stands at 3818 metres above sea level and frequently receives snow. Unfortunately, the reports about Tenerife’s booming ski resort are inaccurate. There is no ski resort here, but Tenerife is theoretically possible with a mountain and snowboarding. To do so, wait for some snow and then take the cable car up the volcano and hike to the summit. It would be a good idea if you tried to ride down there then. Try is the operative term since most sources suggest the snow for most of the year is more rocky than snowy. I really wouldn’t fancy it after a dump of fresh snow, as jagged volcanic rocks would be concealed just under the snow, ready to ruin your pride and joy.

What else can you do in Tenerife?
Tenerife is a perfect place to go for a holiday, and we suggest that you try out sailing, kitesurfing, or wakeboarding in Tenerife if you feel the need to roll sideways on a board. If snowboarding is the only sideways activity you want to do, travel to the nearest ski resort in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, and at least you can enjoy snowboarding in Spain. Tenerife is served by two airports connecting to several European cities and the rest of the country, North and South. A snowboarding holiday in Tenerife might not be possible, but it is an excellent place to visit, especially if you get away from the main tourist resorts.

Mount Teide Resort Guide
In order to help plan your journey, the Mount Teide Ski Resort Guide provides comprehensive resort and piste details. Find location, trail maps, and trail maps covering 3717m of vertical range and the mountains’ surrounding area.

Ski runs include:
10 runs that cover 15 km of slopes:
2 green – beginners
3 blue – easy
4 red – intermediate
1 black – advanced
Plus there are 7 lifts

When is the best time to ski in Tenerife?
During the 3rd week of February is the snowiest week on Mount Teide. With 1 cm of snowfall, there are usually 0.3 snowy days during this week. Check out the Mount Teide snow update before you travel for your ski holiday.

How do you reach Teide Ski Resort?
Domestic flights to Tenerife North from Madrid (Los Rodeos Airport). The airport provides a daily half-hour bus service to Teide’s ski resort. The bus arrives at Orotava’s central bus station, from where it is a short taxi ride to the resort. The bus departs from outside the airport’s check-in hall. You can also fly to Tenerife from major international airports around the globe.

Why choose Teide Ski Resort?
As they say, a change is as good as a rest! It’s something different to try when visiting Tenerife, just make sure you visit in February!