What’s New In Ski And Snowboard Fashion

What’s New In Ski And Snowboard Fashion

The Covid19 pandemic that has swept across the world is dominating how we live our lives, it’s difficult to plan ahead too much. We begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then our hopes of jetting off to ski the glorious pistes of the world are cruelly dashed.

So, what can we do now? We may not be able to take control of when we next go skiing and snowboarding, but, we can update our ski wear in preparation for our next visit to the slopes. There should be some great deals available, and you could save yourself a small fortune by buying now. By the time we are able to plan our next ski holiday, we will be ready at a moment notice to visit the picturesque slopes of the French Alps or the Austrian Tyrol, its may be safer to stay closer to home if you live in the UK or Europe.

Colour theme your ski wear
If you want to look stylish on the slopes and let’s be honest most of us do, there are three popular colour schemes to choose from for this ski season, black, red, and white. Aim for 7 outfits, you can mix and match.

Puffer jacket – this item of clothing does everything you need it to. It’s functional and warm, you can take it off when you go indoors (après ski) and choose it in red colour, you will stand out and it goes great with black.

Puffer coat with tucked hood and stand collar – this is a trendier version of the puffer jacket but basically does the same thing. There is contrast piping on the jacket and the stand-up collar provides extra warmth around your neck, again choose a bright red colour.

Parka style ski jacket – warm and cosy with fur trim to add a touch of class in winter white.

Long-sleeved turtleneck – a staple in any ski wear and choose black. Made out of wool for extra warmth and comfort.

Cashmere turtle neck jumper – soft, light and cosy but most of all on-trend in soft white.

Ski leggings – another must-have in your ski wardrobe, the leggings have thermal layers and of course, they must be black.

Stretch ski pants – they are insulated and flare a little at the calf, they are the latest trend in ski pants wear.

All in one ski suit – easy to wear and comfortable, some skiers prefer this to ski pants and a jumper. A range of colours are available.

Ski gloves – choose puffer ski gloves they are warm and comfortable to wear.

Ski goggles – more functional than stylish, but they block glare and keep the wind out of your eyes.

Sunglasses – no outfit can be complete without a pair of functional and trendy sunglasses to wear. Of course, not any old sunglasses will do, you need acetate glasses to block the glare of the sun.

Slouchy hat – is basically a beanie with a furry pom pom. Great for après ski but don’t wear on the slopes, you must invest in a ski helmet, the most you can afford the better!

A fur headband – complete your outfit with this beautiful headwear, but only for après ski.

Are you getting the colour theme? However, if black and red are not your colours, you could try all white with just a hint of colour, or go vibrant pink from head to toe, the choice is yours.

Take a look if there are any bargains on offer for lightweight helmets, ski boots, and skis.

You’re good to go!