Where Are The Best Ski Resorts In Spain?

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Where are the best ski resorts in Spain? This is a question that many die-hard Spain fans ask when they decide to spend their summers and winters in this beautiful nation. We know where to go for our summer sun fix in July and August, but do we know where to go for our winter skiing vacations? Yes, there are well-known ski resorts that everyone is familiar with, particularly in the French Alps. But what about the lesser-known ski resorts, the tucked-away hidden gems? Take, for example, Spain; did you know that you can ski there? If you didn’t know, there are 34 ski resorts in the area that offer skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. If you’re skiing with family, check this out tips for teenagers on the slopes.

Ski stats
312 ski lifts are serving a total of 1,154 kilometres of snowy slopes. The main resorts have 160 kilometres of slopes, with the highest point at 3,282 m. These ski resorts have excellent facilities, with some receiving 4.2 out of 5 ratings. Baqueira/Beret is the most popular and largest ski resort in Spain. Sierra Nevada – Pradollano is the resort with the highest altitude, and Formigal is the resort with the best value for money.

Spain’s top four ski resorts:

Lleida, Catalonia, Baqueira/Beret Val d’Aran is a small town in the Val d’Aran
This ski resort is located in Catalonia’s Val d’Aran. It has 160 km of slopes and 5 km of ski paths for skiing and snowboarding. 29 lifts are serving it, with elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,610 m. There are 80 kilometres of beginner slopes, 60 kilometres of intermediate slopes, and 20 kilometres of advanced slopes. From late November until late April, the season is open. The Baqueira Beret ski resort in the Pyrenees is possibly the most well-known in Spain. The settlement of Baqueira is only 0.1 km distant, as are Salard (4 km), Arties (7 km), Vielha e Mijaran (14 km), Valencia d’neu (14 km), and Esterri d’neu (19 km).

Aragon, Huesca – Formigal
This ski resort is located on the French/Spanish border in the province of Huesca, Aragon. It has 137 kilometres of slopes and 16 lifts for skiing and snowboarding. The elevations range from 1,501 to 2,251 m. Beginners will find 47 kilometres of slopes, intermediates will find 70 kilometres, and advanced skiers will find 20 kilometres. From late November until mid-April, the season is open. The ski resort of Formigal is one of the most modern in the Pyrenees, if not all of Spain. It is linked to the Tres Hombres-Sextas, Izas-Sarrios, Anayet, and Portalet Valleys. There are both accessible and challenging slopes to choose from. The ski resort is only 1.1 kilometres from Formigal’s village centre, while Sallent de Gallego is 5 kilometres away.

Alp2500 – La Molina/Masella – Catalonia Barcelona/Girona
This ski resort is in the Province of Girona, Catalonia, part of Barcelona’s Province. It has 141 kilometres of slopes and 27 lifts for skiing and snowboarding. The elevations range from 1,616 to 2,531 m. Beginners will find 76 kilometres of runs, intermediates 47 kilometres, and advanced skiers 18 kilometres. From late November until late April, the season is open. La Molina, Masella (0.5 km), and Alp (7 km) are all within 0.5 km of the ski resort.

Granada, Sierra Nevada, Pradollano, Andalusia
Sierra Nevada – Pradollano is a ski resort in the province of Granada. It has 106.8 kilometres of slopes and 17 lifts for skiing and snowboarding. The elevations range from 2,100 to 3,282 m. Beginner runs are 50 kilometres long, intermediate runs are 49 kilometres long, and expert runs are 7.8 kilometres long. From late November through early May, the season is open. The ski resort is about 0.2 kilometres from Pradollano hamlet, 22 kilometres from Monachil, and 34 kilometres from Granada.